Morimoto D2S XB (35W) HID Xenon Bulbs 4500K

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Morimoto D2S XB (35W) HID Xenon Bulbs 4500K Description

With a variety of flavors available, there is a XB for every taste! Available in an OEM HID colored 4500K, a pure-white 5500K, and with a slight tinge of blue at 6500K. Compatible with nearly every projector we sell, standard equipment in many of our full kits, and packing the most ‘bang for the buck.’ The Morimoto series is unquestionably the highest quality aftermarket bulbs available. Proportionately, We service less warranty claims on these vs. the more expensive OEM bulbs believe it or not. Precisely-set capsule through the use of an updated hollow alignment frame at the base, quartz glass shell and plentiful Prax-Air halide salts all work together to give the Morimoto bulbs the performance our customers demand.

Morimoto D2S XB (35W) HID Xenon Bulbs 4500K buy

With all the service one's online store, you can find dating Morimoto D2S XB (35W) HID Xenon Bulbs 4500K numerous styles, creates and colors. We have working with the, producing brightness, durable together with great supplements.


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