Jax Wax Ceramic Wax

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Jax Wax Ceramic Wax Description

This totally inorganic formula is our most durable wax. By replacing carnauba with Silica (SiO2) as the main ingredient that offers protection, Jax Ceramic Wax won’t break down in high temperatures or be affected by detergents nearly as much as a carnauba wax. There are multiple benefits to Jax Ceramic Wax. For vehicles that have been ceramic coated, Jax Ceramic Wax can be used as a ‘topper’ We have quite a few customers that still want to wax their coated car because they love detailing and enjoy the process of waxing. Because carnauba based waxes don’t react properly on coated vehicles Jax Ceramic Wax is the absolute best option to add even more durability to your coating! Jax Ceramic Wax is also a great option as a stand alone product on a non coated vehicle. If you are looking for a easy to use durable wax that can last 6 months or more depending on the elements the vehicle is exposed too, this is definitely the wax for you.

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With all the service one's online store, you can find dating Jax Wax Ceramic Wax numerous styles, creates and colors. We have working with the, producing brightness, durable together with great supplements.


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