Garry Deans Tigers Blood Cleaner (1 gal)

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Garry Deans Tigers Blood Cleaner (1 gal) Description

Size:1 gal This heavy duty cleaner was designed to do some hefty work! Use on vehicle interiors, wheels, tires, engine bay, etc. Directions: Use out of the sun on cool, dry surfaces. Use on inconspicuous area first to ensure it is not too harsh. You may dilute with water if a lesser cleaner is desired. We do not recommend using this cleaner straight out of the bottle. 1 gallon makes up to 10 gallons. Play with the dilutions to find what works well for the job you’re working on. Do not use on bare aluminum or magnesium wheels or other bare metal surfaces. We suggest wearing rubber gloves and a respirator when using this product. Spray on surface of microfiber towel, or surface to be cleaned, agitate with brush or microfiber towel, rinse off. Do not let this product dry on the surface it is applied to. Disclaimer: All products were designed to work together as a system, following the Garry Dean Maintenance Program (see If you do not use them together and follow the GDMP, you will not get the most out of these products.

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