Fibre Glast FibRelease

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Save time, effort, materials, and money with FibReleaseÆ. With just one quick misting onto the mold surface, you’ll get multiple releases with proven results. No wax is involved.FibReleaseÆ is water based and contains no harmful solvents, VOC chemicals, or siliconesóso it’s worker safe, environmentally safe, and paint-shop ready. Application is easy! Keep these considerations in mind:Always start with a Class ‘A’ polished mold surface.Mist, or wipe, FibReleaseÆ onto your surface and allow it to dry to a filmóworks in just 5 minutes!Although not necessary, many fabricators spray FibReleaseÆ before molding each part for best results.Maximum service temperature is 550?F.FibReleaseÆ is compatible with all the resins on our website. PLEASE NOTE: This product can not be shipped to a PO Box, and will need a physical address to ship

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With all the service one's online store, you can find dating Fibre Glast FibRelease numerous styles, creates and colors. We have working with the, producing brightness, durable together with great supplements.


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